Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ajira Airways

For Lost fans out there, check out this website: Ajira Airways.

As of last week's episode, a new clue was dropped to help us slowly pick away at the underlying mysteries of the island. Those still remaining on the island (Sawyer, Juliet, Myles, Daniel, Charlotte, Locke) found a water bottle from an airline, Ajira Airways, in a boat which they then took and used to try to swim around the island.

Another flight? What could this mean? It's not Oceanic, but another company altogether...

Anyway, another Lost geek found this website created by ABC that is on the airline. If you go through each of the pages, it has everything to do with the island. What is this company then?

It references polar bears, Australian walkabouts, island adventures, swimming with sharks (from Sawyer and Michael's voyage early in the season on a raft), and excavations (perhaps some clues to the strange artifacts and monuments left on the island). We still haven't figured out what that giant statue with four toes means.

I wonder what the purpose of this airline is. Why would ABC and the Lost staff go through the trouble of creating this from such a small plot detail? Perhaps it is going to be bigger than we know; perhaps they are cluing us into something important. Check it out then to help further yourself along towards figuring out the Lost formula.

So what do you think of the website?

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