Sunday, November 2, 2008

Take a Quiz: A Certain Mystique

Here is another literacy quiz that is pretty challenging. It really tests your strange and obscure cultural knowledge and mastery of the English language. Let's see how you do with this one.

Directions: Every answer in this puzzle is a word or name that ends in the letters "-que."

EXAMPLE: Unlike any other = unique

1. Ornate style of architecture, music, or art
2. Striptease stage show
3. Dance club
4. Small, exclusive group of friends
5. It may be on your teeth or on the dentist's wall
6. Noted Cubist Georges
7. Old and collectible
8. Ayatolla's place of worship
9. Not transparent
10. Very ugly, as a deformed face
11. Slanting, or at an angle
12. Native of Nothern Spain
13. Country between Tanzania and South Africa
14. Game played with 128 cards
15. Iowa city, home of Clarke College
16. French island in the Caribbean
17. Small clothing shop
18. Force that produces rotation in an engine
19. Thick, creamy soup
20. Off-color, as a joke

Don't look below if you don't want the answers just yet!

(Answers: 1. baroque, 2. burlesque, 3. discotecque, 4. clique, 5. plaque, 6. braque, 7. antique, 8. mosque, 9. opaque, 10. grotesque, 11. oblique, 12. bosque, 13. mosambique, 14. brasque, 15. debuque, 16. martinique, 17. boutique, 18. torque, 19. bisque, 20. risque)

So, how did you do? What did you think?


Mike said...

7 out of 20... how did you do?

Jami said...

I got 9. Not my best or strongest quiz.