Monday, November 10, 2008

New Rolling Stone Format

Rolling Stone Magazine fans out there, what do you think of the new format?

Rolling Stone has changed their format and layout from larger-print, larger pages, and non-glossy pages. Now, they have a smaller magazine, smaller print, and glossy pages. It looks just like a normal magazine; it no longer holds its unique design.

I liked that Rolling Stone used to be different than other magazines. I loved the large pages that you could fold back easily. I thought that its style reflected its different nature from other magazines, its break away from the normal mold that the rest of the world fits into.

At first, I was really angry about this change. I thought it was going to be really bad. But, I hate to admit, I don't mind this change that much. I love the feel of the magazine. I like that it now can feature more articles and lavish pictures. It's not that bad after all.

I really do like what they're doing despite the fact that it breaks from Rolling Stone tradition. With Obama on the cover for his third time in just a few short months, the "change" theme coinsides well with what Jann Wenner was talking about when he addresses this in the first new issue. He connected change with Obama and his campaign with the change of their new layout. I thought it to be a clever connection.

So, now that you've seen this new change, what do you think of it? Should they have stayed with the old version or is this one worth it?

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