Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Lost

Let me just start by saying how much of a Lost fan I am. Since I started watching the first season, I become totally hooked. Each season was absolutely incredible, and I love the direction and the intelligence that goes into the writing process.

I just got thinking about the technicalities for the show. As in, if this really happened, what else would also be going on behind the scenes that isn't necessary for the plot? Or, if people really were stranded on a desert island, what is missing or what are they leaving out?

If I was writing the show, I wouldn't include these things either. But, since I think about the show a lot, I wonder about certain things that we don't think about or that aren't shown on the television show.

I bet that people dream of this situation because it seems like paradise. But, I was thinking of this situation actually happening, and here's what I conjured:

Do they never brush their teeth?
Do they ever actually get to shower with soap, or do they always bathe in the ocean where it's salty?
How do they brush their hair?
Do they have condoms?
Is there toilet paper or do they use leaves?
Does anyone ever get sick from eating too much fruit, too much acidity?
Does anyone ever get stomach problems from the new diet?
How do girls handle their periods?
Do they have deoderant?
Does anyone sunburn?
What happens when cuts get infected?

Or, is the whole point that it's a magical island and no one has to worry about these things? People stay in good health and only need to worry about island problems, not personal hygeine or dietary issues?

I just wonder.

(All of this is excluded from the fact that The Others have their own colony and they can use their supplies. This goes for living just on the beach where none of these supplies exist.)

So, what do you think of Lost?

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