Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Curb Your Enthusiasm

For Seinfeld fans out there, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a real treat. Larry David truly shows off his talent in a similarly run show. David has flipped the tables and now has a show about HIS life with HIS friends and about HIS life. And, it's just as funny as Seinfeld.

Larry David creates and introduces such true situations that are awkward and happen all the time. I laugh hysterically just at the exposure of such real-life situations. This guy knows how to take uncomfortable situations, blow them way out of proportion, and somehow weave them all together into a cohesive plot. He's brilliant in his ability to do this and do this rather well and hilariously.

Larry has commented on these true-life incidences and issues:

The pants tent: when your pants make a tent when you sit down
Married men and women can't really have a relationship together because it could mean that they are cheating
What do you do when you're kicked out of someone's house and you left a personal item inside?
People who just get too serious when they play golf
Your receptionist talks your ear off and you can't even go to the bathroom without a stop and chat
You walk by someone you know and you don't want to stop and chat because it will be awkward and you don't want to waste the time
The answering machine cuts off the good part of your message
You don't know how much to tip the driver of your cab and you sympathise with his job
You host a dinner party and someone takes over as the lead or star of the night
You wait in line SO long at the pharmacist when it's an emergency
You slip money to the maitre 'd to get into the restaurant, but how much do you tip, and what if you accidentally slip too little?
You aspire to obtain a dream job but you could never actually do it
Kids give you the finger or mock you in the car and you snap back, causing the driver to get very angry
Trick or treaters are either too old or just don't dress up anymore, so do they deserve candy?
You get the wrong food order, and obtaining the right order is always difficult and doesn't work out
You can't take anyone in a thong seriously, no matter what his/her job is
You accidentally feed a dinner guest something they are allergic to
It takes someone in line before you so much time to make a decision on what to order
There are two lines to a cash register and you pick the wrong line that is just much slower than the other you could have chosen
A person hosting a birthday party begs you not to bring him a present, but even though people say that, they don't mean it
You don't know what to do with toothpicks from hors derves at parties
The weatherman is the only job that can't get penalized for being wrong
Can you take someone seriously when they wear a bow tie?
Would you really give your friend a kidney if they needed it?

Does anyone know if Curb is going to have more episodes or if they're done for good?

What do you think of Curb?

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