Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Sketch on SNL

This past weekend, SNL, one of my favorite shows, kicked off with a much-talked about introduction where Tina Fey (returned for the spoof) portrayed Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler portrayed Hillary Clinton, as she always does.

Tina Fey is incredibly brilliant. I was so happy to see her guest-star for this bit. She has Palin right on. She has her accent and her look. And Poehler always has portrayed an excellent Hillary. I think she does Hillary justice too.

Watch the video here. It's hilarious.

They really get their personalities across as well through their dialogue, and they touch upon heated issues and topics. Hillary's dislike for Palin's rise to power as a woman in the presidential race. McCain stating that Palin can see Russia from her house (which would make her qualified to deal with international affairs). Sexism in the political race for president. The division on global warming (Palin thinking that it's "God just hugging us closer"). Palin as inexperienced. Talking about the women's bodies, Palin as a MILF and Hillary as a "shrew" with a pants suit. Palin driving home Alaska ("the crystal meth capital") and her status as a hockey mom. Palin is posing for popularity, but is she qualified?

The writers are just so smart. They captured so many of America's feelings, doubts, gossip, and hesitancies about the presidential race, as it is all-consuming in the news or wherever you go. This bit really kicked off their season, and I will be interested to see what other bits they do with the race and if Fey will continue to come on the show to act as Palin.

Sidenote, the comment on Palin wearing Tina Fey glasses was hilarious.

And, I really hope that Fred Armisen does not play Obama. He really doesn't do a good job. Anyone else could do better than he can.

And who do you think will play McCain? My vote is on Darryl Hammond. I bet he could get it DOWN.

So many news shows played this sketch. You can even see if you go to YouTube and look at the results. But check this out from a website I found:

Palin's take on the SNL sketch: "'She thought it was quite funny, particularly because she once dressed up as Tina Fey for Halloween,' Palin spokesperson Tracey Schmitt told CBS.

According to her spokesperson, the governor and the press corps watched the sketch in the back of her plane, laughing at Tina and Amy’s satirical take on the two politicians.

“Saturday Night Live” is planning three primetime “Weekend Update” specials before the election. Viewers could see Fey reprise her Palin role again before America goes to the polls."

So now I will end with an incredible line from the opener which made me laugh very, very hard: "It just goes to show that anyone can be president. ANYONE. All you have to do it want it."

What did you think of the sketch or the portrayals?

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