Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joan Steiner

Today I came across this really cool artist named Joan Steiner. She makes these dioramas that look like one thing, but they really are another. For istance, she will construct a kitchen, but when you look closely, each item is made out of many smaller items (i.e. rulers, clothes pins, etc).

I just wonder how someone gets into this sort of thing, and how it can becomes someone's hobby or job. She's so good at it that she's making money for it now, but I wonder how many odd talents like this go wasted because they can't make any money (or are too expensive to prolong). Kind of an interesting hobby she has here.

A lot of her pictures have been turned into puzzles, which will be included here below. Check out some pictures below and see if you can spot what items are made out of what else.

Or, check out this website for some more pictures of hers; they are actually puzzles that you can also purchase.

What do you think of this art?

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