Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don LaFountaine

You know that voice that always introduces movies? That guy whose deep voice dramatically reads off the plot of a new film when you're sitting in the movie theatre? "In a world where..." A deep voice that resonates, a voice you know, a voice that you might not even think about?

This voice comes from movie-trailer voice-over king Don LaFontaine passed away yesterday at age 68.

I always wondered what would happened. I remember having a conversation about this guy before, like I wonder what this guy sounds like when having a normal conversation? I wonder what will happen when this guy dies? Who can match up to this guy? He's just so bad-ass. How can it be duplicated?

Don even had a bit on a Geico commercial. He's been such a part of the film culture that it's going to be weird to transition to another person. It's funny, because you know his voice and who he is, but you'd never know his name or what he looked like.

How do you become this guy anyway? Do you go to school for this? Do you want to be this profession all your life or does it come up on you? What do you think?

Watch the Geico commerical here with a related news bit on his passing.

What do you think about this? Can someone match up to this guy?

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James said...

Is it within the city or is it cross country. The effect of Weissenberg's playing is clear there. The disadvantage with this method is that you are not getting regular input from a specialist piano teacher and maybe getting into bad habits eg bad sitting posture or hand position. Or perhaps it was the chocolate cake...