Monday, September 1, 2008

Mt. Ampersand

Last week, I went camping out around Saranac Lake. We stayed at Fish Creek Pond, a smaller lake off of it, and the experience was wonderful. The highlight must have been climbing a nearby mountain, Mt. Ampersand, on a warm summer afternoon. Climbing a mountain feels like such an accomplishment. Especially once you make it to the top, you really feel this overwhelming feeling of being alive and truly appreciating life. You'll know what I'm talking about if you've done it before.

Climbing Mt. Ampersand was also extremely challenging physically. Most of the hike is completely uphill, at times climbing up rocks with your hands. I would recommend this hike though for the rewarding and beautiful view at the top and all along the way. Once you do get to the top though, it becomes very windy and cool--a nice payoff for walking and sweating all the way up.

Check out the pictures from the experience:

Has anyone climbed Mt. Ampersand? What did you think? Or, what do you get out of climbing mountains in general?

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