Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Walk at Forts Ferry

It's that beautiful time of the year again in New York: it's almost spring. Last week was filled with melting snow, high winds, and cold temperatures, but this week might be the week to turn straight to spring with no turning back. No random snow storms (fingers crossed).

It feels like spring because of the warmth. It smells like spring, that grassy, outdoor smell that fills you on a nice walk. It's wonderful.

I miss taking walks like this. We used to take beautiful walks like this once a week back at Cortland. Central New York had gorgeous areas to walk through on a nice spring afternoon. I need to find some nice spots out here in Upstate New York. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

Since the weather is so nice, I can't keep myself inside too much without feeling guilty. I went on a nice walk yesterday, and I would like to post some of my findings. Let's see what you think.

What do you think?

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