Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I don't know if anyone here is into poetry, but I am becoming quite a fan myself. I think the poetry class I'm taking it really having an effect on me.

Anyway, check out this poem, "Housewife" by Anne Sexton. This poem really speaks to me because I am from the heart of suburbia. The moms I grew up around were mostly housewives. My mother was a housewife for a long time, as were my two grandmothers. I think this poem speaks to them and other housewives who felt shackled to the house even though they were blessed with the fact that they were financially comfortable and didn't have to work to earn a living.

by Anne Sexton

Some women marry houses.
It's another kind of skin; it has a heart,
a mouth, a liver and bowel movements.
The walls are permanent and pink.
See how she sits on her knees all day,
faithfully washing herself down.
Men enter by force, drawn back like Jonah
into their fleshy mothers.
A woman is her mother.
That's the main thing.

This woman has an attachment to her house, perfecting it and spending more time with it than her husband. It is a living, breathing entity. But what do the last two lines mean? Any idea?

What do you think? Meanings? Likes/dislikes?

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