Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pasta Hut

I've fallen for a giant April fools trick, and I feel pretty foolish.

Has anyone seen the new Pizza Hut commerical? The commercial shows the original Pizza Hut building being sucked up and recreated, but when they mount the new building, they replace the name with Pasta Hut. Then they say "Pasta Hut, coming soon."

Alright, I totally bought that Pizza Hut was changing its name to Pizza Hut. I jumped right on the internet and googled Pasta Hut, and when I went to the Pizza Hut website, they advertise Pasta Hut in the same font as Pizza Hut. I couldn't believe they were pulling such a stunt!

So anyway, after telling a lot of people about it, as if I was informing them about some new phenomenon in American culture, they were shocked as I was. Then I come home and discover through reputable souces (AKA The Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune) that the advertisement of Pasta Hut was an April Fools prank to create chatter about their new menu of pasta. This promotion entirely worked. I was talking to everyone about it! I've never been such a sucker for April Fools.

Check out Pizza Hut's website and see if I'm actually crazy.

So if Pizza Hut actually changed its name to Pasta Hut and served pasta primarily (with pizza still of course), what would your reaction be? Was anyone else fooled by this stunt?


Monica said...

omg i totally saw that and i called all my friends and i was freaking out about it!!! wow... i thought i was krazy as hell but i gess other ppl saw it too...

Anonymous said...

how do u feel now this is actually true??

Anonymous said...

I saw a Pizza Hut in Manchester (U.K) that has changed its name to Pasta Hut believe it or not!