Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weather Effects Mood

Does the weather effect your mood?

I find that sometimes, the weather does alter how I'm feeling. The other morning, I was going in to work early as I normally do when I'm subbing, and it was raining. I don't know about anyone else, but it's just that "ugh" feeling when you step outside your door. If it's a sunny day, nice and warm with a bright sun, doesn't that just cheer you up and make you want to make the most of your day?

I know it's been scientifically proven that weather corresponds with mood, but I don't think that everyone is always effected by it. Little hours of sunlight increases chances for depression, especially in Alaska. Rain most likely leads to depression as well.

What do you think, or are you uneffected by weather?

And if so, what effect does snow cause on you? Is snow something negative or positive, or is that dependent on the person and how the person reacts to snow? Some might love snow, others detest it. Maybe that's individual too...

What kinds of weather are dependent on the person, and which ones are always going to lead to downer/excited moods?


Lezlee Liljenberg said...

In owning my own business I have become more aware of how weather effects the moods of my employees. The past few years Jan-March have been the toughest month for me to get my employees to work on time and to be productive while there. The weather is like a roller coaster...warm and cold, warm and cold so this also makes it difficult to keep everyone well. However, in the morning it can start out warm and their moods are upbeat and cheerful but by 2pm if the weather swings down 10 degrees they become restless. I have always caught spring fever so I thought the warm weather would make them have more of a tendency to miss work or want to leave but the opposite is true. When the weather gets colder, rainy or nasty they act more like children trying to figure out how bad it is going to get so they can leave work early or will be hoping for the bad weather so they do not have to go to work..oh yea and get a paid day off. There is nothing better than a nice 75 degree day to get my mood up and creative juices flowing.

Anonymous said...

Would def agree. I've come from a very sunny spot in Canada and now living in UK. I've noticed a gradual worsening of my overall mood in the past four years ....kind of like a depression. It took me a while to figure out what was going on in my life, but its def the lack of sun.

Also I've noticed that when the clouds get really thick and low ( with or without rain )... my head gets really spaced out. It reaches its peak just before it begins to rain.