Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Humps

This post is for Jenna DeMayo who finds amazing YouTube videos.

Being the Alanis Morissette fan that I am, this video, of course, enticed me. Jenna knows. I'm sure you're all familiar with the "My Humps" song and video by Fergie. Well, Alanis did a spin on it, AKA sung it her way, slow like a song off of Jagged Little Pill. She makes it sound like a completely different song, except, when you actually listen to what the lyrics are, then you jump back to realize what the hell she's singing.

It's hilarious. She even spoofs the video. I love when stars do this. It's like when Richard Cheese imitates, but this is better because she actually sounds impressive when she's doing it. Out of context, it sounds like she could sell it as a single. Richard Cheese is just nutty and extremely funny.

Anyway, what do you think? Is it funny or are we unimpressed and like Fergie better?


Megan said...

Well... that was certainly a different post.

I thought the video was hysterical though. A song with lyrics like My Humps sort of loses it's meaning when paired with a quick beat and flashy accompaniments. But, when it's slowed down and actually sung, (versus spoken) listeners can actually hear the lyrics and understand HOW ABSURD they are.

I can't stand songs that talk about body parts (much less euphemisms for them) and sexin' people and get get gettin' them love drunk off said hump...

No wonder our teen girls are so obsessed with their looks- Fergie's condoning expensive jeans that make brothers want to buy them ice-ys. No wonder.

Good job, Alanis, for exposing the junk that is in America's trunk.

Jami said...

Haha! I just loved to see you say "sexin' up," "hump," and "junk in the trunk," which is normally uncharacteristic of you. This post is now worth it.

I liked it too. You should see Savanna's project she did on translating this song into Shakespeare. Funny stuff.