Monday, February 25, 2008

SNL on Democratic Candidates

Hillary or Obama?

The Democratic race for this 2008 Presidential election has been really tight, and to me, pretty exciting. I know a lot of people have strong views either for/against each candidate for various reasons, and I'm even kind of torn myself. Hillary has great views on how to help/change health care in the US, and she'd have extraordinary help in the White House from Bill, who was a great president. On the otehr hand, Obama is this bright light, an extraordinary speaker who promises change and hope--and I believe him. I don't think I'd believe a Republican...but I believe Obama.

Anyway, it's interesting to see who backs who and what TV programs, especially comedy shows, portray different candidates. Conan promoted Huckabee in a funny sketch: "I made Chuck Norris, ergo, I made Huckabee." Now SNL, back on the air, is making tons of political jokes. Back in October, they actually had Barack on the show to play himself. That was incredible. They always portray Hillary as a bitch, or someone who is just completely arrogant. Amy Poehler and Darryl Hammond do a fabulous job as the Clintons. Then in last week's episode with Tina Fey, they criticized CNN for having too much support for Barack, and too much support and love from US citizens. They had Obamattacks and wrote love songs about him, stalked him in cars, etc. They show open support for Obama, in my opinion, except I don't think that Fred Armisen plays a good Obama AT ALL. Get someone else to play Obama!

But, when Tina Fey hosted, she wrote a fantastic speech in support of Hillary. I was blown away. She held a small section on women's news and ended with a rant on criticism of Hillary. I will show you it below. Please comment because it's hilarious, and she proves great points while making us laugh.

"We, women, have our first, serious Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. And yet, women have come so far as feminists that they don't feel that they need to vote for a candidate just because she's a woman, but they can make any choice that Oprah tells them to. Which raises the question, why are so many people abandoning Hillary for Obama? Some are saying that the fact that Hillary cannot control her husband or the fact that they'd be co-presidents would be terrible, having two intelligent people working together to solve problems. Why would you let Starsky talk to Hutch? I wanna watch that show Starksy. So what is it America? Are you weirded out that they're married? Because I can promise you that they're having exactly as much sex as George Bush and Jeb Bush are. And then there's the scrutiny of her physical appearance. Rush Limbaugh, the Jeff Connolly of ring-wing radio, said that he doesn't think America is ready to watch their president, quote, 'turn into an old lady right in front of them.' Really? They didn't seem to mind when Ronald Regan did that. And maybe what bothers me the most is that Hillary is a bitch. And let me tell you, yeah, she is. So am I. And so is this one (Amy Poehler)."

Poehler: "Yeah, deal with it."

"And you know what? Bitches get stuff done. That's what catholic schools use nuns as teachers. Those nuns are mean old clams, and they sleep on cots, and they're allowed to hit you. At the end of the school year you hated those bitches, but you knew the capitol of Vermont. So I'm saying it's not too late Texas and Ohio. Get on board. Bitch is the new black."



gigglechick said...

i thought that Tina was spot on!

that bit inspired me to create a bunch of shirts/buttons/etc on my site

shelalaboom said...

i can't wait for the debate tomorrow night, i haven't been following much of the election, but look forward to the things they say, as i have yet to know what each stand for, Hilary rocks, Obama is sexy, whats a girl to do? great blog, tina fey is pretty awes, so hard to choose someone also, because you hear of celebrities and who they support, and as much as i hate to admit how much influence they have on us, but, if brad pitt likes Obama, makes me like him so much more!