Wednesday, February 20, 2008


The battle of "Everlong."

If you're not a Foo Fighters fan, this might not appeal to you. If you do enjoy rock music, Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters and their music, then maybe this is a debate you can appreciate.

A conversation I like to have with people is... Which version of "Everlong" do you think is the best?

Ever since it was released in 1997, new versions have come out that alter the song. But which, in your opinion, is the best way to play/sing the song?

We have these versions:

-Obviously the original. Harder, screaming, lots of energy.
-Acoustic version as played initially on the Howard Stern show.
-Acoustic with string band accompaniment on the live record Skin and Bones.
-I saw a live version where Dave plays slow for the beginning, and then the band joins in to play the next half a bit harder.

Interesting "Everlong" facts, courtesy of Wikipedia:

"During the instrumental break, three indecipherable tracks whispered by Grohl can be heard. The exact wordings are unknown, but according to the official Foo Fighters newsgroup FAQ, the source materials are a love letter, a technical manual, and a story about a studio technician's father. Grohl himself has only confirmed the use of the technical manual."

"Everlong" is David Letterman's favorite song.

Bob Dylan once asked Dave Grohl to teach him "Everlong" so he could cover it. Good choice.

It played during Monica and Chandler's wedding on Friends.

It was included in an episode of Daria. YES!

Watch the music video here. Like all other Foo Fighters videos, it is worth watching. I love their creativity. And he's so young too!!

Watch an acoustic version here.

Personally, I might have to say that my favorite is the newer version with the string band for Sticks and Stones. It's kind of a good mixture between the two since I'm so divided. I've went back and forth with my decision--at first I stuck to the original, but then the acoustic grew on me--but now the newest edition tops it all, in my opinion.

But what's your opinion? What's the best version of "Everlong?" And why?


Anonymous said...

Wow! This really hit the spot for me.. Not only am I a huge FF fan, but Everlong in particular has always been one of my favourites!

Which one I choose depends on my current mood, but I think I've liked the k-roq accoustic best.

I've even named my sailboat Everlong :-) Wææ!

Damnit.. I have a blogspot ID, but can't remember it, so this'll have to be an anonymous post.


Onionhead said...

Also a huuuuge fan of the FF! Got to MEET them the other day before their gig here, they are amazing guys!

Agreed that it depends on your mood, but the live version where Dave starts slow then finishes with the band from this latest tour was just amazing. Blew my mind... multiple times!

Also really love the acoustic version though, as you can hear a lot more of the great guitar work. Hell, it's just a brilliant darned song.

Anonymous said...

Can you post all of the versions?

Anonymous said...

I've only heard the original and it is a fantastic song.

Anonymous said...

heil hitler. white power.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes in life we wander aimlessly, Searching for a purpose, searching for ourselves. And yet, sometimes in life, we are so oblivious to the obvious Because everything is right in front of us And we're missing the point of living We're missing the point of living .
the love letter^
so dad would take the sundays off and thats the only time he could ever get any rest and so if we were loud on sundays hed make us hold his construction suits over our head till wed sleep and they were really heavy and it only had one sleeve but wed start crying because its too heavy
the story of the technicians dad^

Anonymous said...

Who is foo fighting?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes I think that's right