Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marley's Lessons

I'm about to reveal more picturs of my frisky kitten, Marley. As Marley's grown older, she's developing more curiosity and interest in every little thing in this apartment. I guess I would too if I was as house-bound as she is. Anyway, she has this excitement and positive energy, every day, towards life that I envy. I know she's a kitten, but she teaches me something every day.

For all who know me, you all know that I can work myself really hard with things, especially homework. My drive to learn is overwhelming. But sometimes when I get into this "go-mode," as I call it, I don't like to be distracted and I just work straight through pretty hard until I finish, no matter how long it takes me. Well, as I work, Marley torments me. Well, in my language, it's torment. She climbs on my legs, scratching them with her claws, she climbs my tapestries, darts around the room, knocks garbage cans, books, binders, stuffed animals over--anything for attention. She actually gets me to stop my crazy fury and pause. I look at her, and I just have to laugh. She's hilarious.

She teaches me that, amidst craziness and a frenzy, just stop, relax, and enjoy yourself. Is what you're doing so furiously really all that important? Shouldn't we just be silly for some of the time?

I love her to death, and I try to stop and realize what her lessons are to give me. These lessons will serve me well if I ever become a parent. I am not patient enough with her, she forces me to be energetic when I'm lethargic, she makes me get irritated when she messes up or destroys my things--but then I have to think, are the "things" really worth it? She's my baby, and I should love her more than my things, my tapestries.

These are my initial lessons from Marley. When I was alone with just her, she provided a companionship that I loved. I talk her to her, but overall, I just love this thing to pieces. She's getting a little bigger. Maybe you can see in the pictures.

And now she's biting my fingers as I type. She's trying to walk on the keyboard but I'm stopping her. Now she's preoccupied biting my mouse cord and pens, but she's trying to walk away with my mousepad in her mouth, so now I must intervene.

Anyway, here she is, and look what she does. She's insane. I don't even have that much courage to do what she does.

Yup. She's on my bookshelf. She loves to climb it.

And now she goes on top of the door... She climbs the tapestry on the door and then investigates up there. That'll get my attention. I have yet to help her down... She doesn't need me.

And now on top of our corner cabinet...

Or she just plays...

And she loves to pounce. It's her favorite game. Look at her. She's so dead-serious about it.

Or she bites...


And the best for last. This one is the best.


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