Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Severe Sport

What sport could you never play? Not only for inability but because of fright from injuries associated with the sport?

This question came up because of a recent news story I saw on TV. Has anyone heard about Richard Zednik's hockey injury? Oh my God, it's crazy. I can't believe this kind of thing could happen. Watch it here.

What happenes seems like one of those "what if" sceanrios. He plays hockey, and somehow his teammate was lifted into the air and sliced his throat with his skate. That seems nearly impossible to happen, but the unthinkable did happen. He trailed blood over the ice, and the head of NHL had to make a decision whether to stop the game or not. They continued, and thankfully, Zednik has recently been moved from critical condition and was updated to good condition.

What do you think? Is it crazy? If you were him, would you continue to play or would you quit? Why?


je suis le fromage said...

they had to decide whether to stop the game or not? a player has his throat slit and they still play? im confused

Jami said...

Yeah, they were torn whether to play or not, but they played on anyway. Kind of weird, huh? At least they ended up winning the game "for him."