Saturday, March 14, 2009

Top Earning Dead Celebrities

Yesterday's post inspired today's post on top-earning dead celebrities. It's incredible how much a deceased celebrity can still make even after he's gone. Maybe his death even contributes to these figures. Everything he has been involved in and has created is the "last" of its kind, it's more of a rarity now.

It even brings up Kurt Cobain's line: "It's better to die out than fade away." It seems to be that way with these celebrities. Would they be as famous if they lived on to be as old as Bob Dylan? Does a lot of the lustre of their fame come from their shortly lived lives and premature deaths? I think the money has a lot to do with it when you look at the figures...

The information I have below comes from two sources: Forbes Magazine puts together a yearly list. This is from their October 2008 findings. And, Rolling Stone put together a list in a recent article that I commented on from yesterday, specifically talking about Bob Marley with figures on other dead celebrities to compare his earnings.

Top Earning Dead Celebrities

Elvis Presley - $52 million

Charles Schultz (Peanuts) - $33 million

Heath Ledger - $20 million

Albert Einstein - $18 million

Aaron Spelling - $15 million

Tupac - $15 million

Jim Morrison - $10 million

John Lennon - $9 million

Jimi Hendrix - $5 million

Bob Marley - $3 million

Wow. At least their families can use some of that money to relieve soem of their grief. It's insane to me how much money a person can generate even after they're dead. It's insane.

So what do you think of these findings?

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