Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Love Season 3

Man, I really am hooked on HBO. They sucked me in with a recent hit of theirs, Big Love, about polygamy.

I've really been enjoying the inside scoop on having a polygamous relationship and trying to still have a normal life among normal suburban society. Even looking at it in a broader light, it's a look at living a nontraditional lifestyle or one that is not always acceptable. What about having a mixed racial marriage? What about having a homosexual relationship? What about an age difference in spouses? What about kids that range from different marriages or that span many ages?

Families vary so much that it's interesting to look at one kind of family that struggles to be accepted and to even just continue because of the hatred and bigotry of their neighbors. People automatically shun them out or consider themselves better. And it's also interesting to analyze the religion aspect of it too.

Despite all of my over-analyzing, Big Love has lived up to its allure on HBO. They have the room to deal with so many interesting and controversial issues.

This season, in season 3, Big Love tried out cheating, separating spouses, teenage pregnancy, incestuous intentions, premarital sex, neighborhood unacceptance, death, corruption, religious conspiracy, college searching, forbidden romance, family disapproval of relationships, parental deaths, money debt, divorce, parental neglect, drama of court trials, cancer returning, business struggles, and feeling lost as a teenager. It was a loaded season.

For whatever reason, this season's HBO shows had a very negative and struggling mood to them. For example, Entourage was always very light, fun, and exciting. This season, Entourage explored the downside to being a celebrity. Sometimes you're soaring, sometimes you're at the bottom of the barrel.

In the same light, families have their ups and downs. In season 3 of Big Love, the whole thing was a rollercoaster ride that rarely had its ups. They tried to incorporate a new wife, but that divided the family and she left. Each of the wives each had their own massive issue that encompassed their happiness in the season. Barb had a cancer scare. Nicki struggled with being loyal to her father in the trial, keeping the secret from her family, feeling neglected from her husband, falling for another man, separating from her husband, and reconnecting with a child that she lost fourteen years ago. Margie's mother passed away and struggled to feel like she even had a life at all. I've never seen them all so down before.

This season definitely had the biggest challenges for the family. The whole camping trip pretty much summed it up when Bill looked at his family and everyone was just absolutely miserable. No one wanted to be with each other, and no one could be happy because they were juggling so many horrific events in their lives. Bill almost feels that it is his responsibility to keep the family afloat and happy, but one man can't control that many obstacles. His happiness definitely faltered. With this many stresses, his hair will start graying very soon.

The writing on the show is absolutely amazing. Every episode is action-packed. Every episode leaves you wanting more and questioning what will come and what just happened. They're really learning to have many intense plots running side by side that eventually blow up and then effect many people. It's very intelligent, and it's very obvious.

Next season seems that it will take better directions. Hopefully most of the storm will pass, but new issues definitely will surface. The season finale was absolutely incredible. They crammed a lot into one episode. They ended the season with Joey suffocating Roman with a pillow. I really do think he's dead. If he was shot, that could be another story. He might survive that. I believe it was season 1 where they ended the series with him getting shot. But, he survived. I think he won't make it out this time. They seemed to be phasing him out anyway. Maybe the actor didn't want to pursue it anymore. They were really building up Alby anyway. I think Roman is toast.

For next season, there will be trouble on the compound if Roman dies because Alby will take over. Joey will need to cover his ass because people will want to atone for their death of their prophet. And, that will mess up the next trial and investigation with the Greens, the kidnapping, and the death of Joey's fiance. Sarah will be getting married: more drama within the family. Nicki will struggle with getting back into the norm with the family and Bill. Nicki's daughter will be a massive issue as her real family tries to rope her back into the compound. And, will the casino work? Will Barb reconnect with her sister, her mother, or her religion? Will Sarah go to college? Will Margie be successful with her business? Will there be a new pregnancy? They have so many options for the next season. I just know it's going to be something spectacular.

I'd also like to commend the high caliber acting on the show. Especially the wives--they really have stunned me with their abilities. Sarah is also coming out of her shell. Don't underestimate the talent of this group of actors.

As Big Love fans, we have a lot to look forward to for next season. I can't even wait for it yet. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. Watch old episodes here or use HBO on demand.

So, what did you think of season 3 of Big Love?

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Jere Van Patten said...

I found you from a google image search for "Big Love Season 3" and I have to say that I too LOVE the show!! Brilliant.