Friday, March 20, 2009

I Love You, Man

Yesterday, I had the prime opportunity to see an early screening of the new comedy I Love You, Man. I wish I had more connections for opportunities like this. Anyway, I knew this was going to be a good movie because Rolling Stone just included an article on Jason Segel, the writer and star of this movie. It's very worth reading if you enjoyed the movie and enjoy Segel.

I've seen man crushes, and this movie really displays the man crush well. It happens, and it's hilarious.

Segel is starting to blow up right now. Rolling Stone even mentioned that he might be the next Judd Apatow, good that they're friends then. He just recently writing and creating Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and now he has landed this new movie I Love You, Man starring himself and Paul Rudd. I think this movie will certainly jump-start his career. I haven't seen Forgetting Sarah Mashall though. Is it good? Is it worth watching?

Segel previously worked on Freaks and Geeks, where he met and worked with Judd Apatow. He also writes and works on How I Met Your Mother as well as creating the aforementioned movies above. So, he's doing pretty well.

Onto the movie: I think it was a REALLY good idea for a movie. The whole man-dating idea is hilarious, and the movie did a really good job with it. It's very interesting to dissect straight male relationships, and it was portrayed very well. How do you pursue a man friend without seeming like you're sexually interested when you're not because you're straight?

I also think it was hilarious how well Rudd portrayed a guy who is used to having all girl friends. He doesn't know how to have a guy friend, and he tries so hard to be cool and say cool things. He tries to refer to pop culture and make nicknames, but he's so off. It's so uncomfortable yet so funny.

I enjoyed Segel's character. It really made me appreciate his work, but I liked the persona he created. So laid-back, open, smooth, caring, individualistic--kind of the ideal man in a sense. The man cave was also pretty hilarious. He's that goofy, outgoing guy that I would find myself drawn to if I was looking for a friend. Hell, my best friend is very close to that, in terms of the girl version of him. Maybe that's why I enjoyed his character so much or the movie so much...

It just had a lot of social commentary on relationships (the too-close heterosexual relationship where there are no outside friends, the abusive heterosexual relationship, the straight male friend relationship, the gabby group of close girl friends, awkward work friends, familial relationships, hetero/homo friend relationships, etc.). It was just solidly done.

But, I didn't buy Andy Samberg as a homosexual. It's not criticism on the movie, more of a comment. I love anything he does, so I loved his character and his acting in the movie. I just could never buy him as a gay guy, but maybe he was playing a certain kind of gay person who really isn't that stereotypical role. Maybe I'm the one who's being judgmental! I still loved his acting though. He needs to have more roles in films.

Why did they try to set up Segel's character with the single friend if they never got together in the end or even tried to get in a relationship? What was the point of that? It didn't go anywhere or saying anything really about anything at all. And, I thought the last scene could have been a little bit different. It was a bit dramatic, and I thought it was a bit abrupt. But, I still liked the movie despite these questions and suggestions. I would highly recommend it to comedy lovers.

Rudd really is really blowing up isn't he? I never saw this for his career when I look back to the 90s in his days in Clueless. I'm happy though; he's friends with a great group of actors, and he really is talented. Good for him.

I also hope to see more of Segel. I like this new group of comedic actors/writers who are coming out now. They're like the new era of Stiller, Sandler, Carrey. Him and Seth Rogen can really take comedy by storm.

I also want to comment on Segel's choice of style in the movie. I LOVE it. The scarf/blazer/sandals/not matching/long-haired look really works for him. Keep that up.

So, what do you think of I Love You, Man or Jason Segel?

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