Monday, March 23, 2009

Band of Horses

I don't know what's going on with me, but I'm really into Indie bands right now. First I was really into Fleet Foxes. Now I can't get enough of Band of Horses. They're sort of similar to Fleet Foxes, but they aren't as folksy and light. I love Band of Horses' unique indie sound. I'm pretty much addicted.

Band of Horses has two albums out right now, Everything all the Time (2006) and Cease to Begin (2007). They've only really been around for a few years. They formed in Seattle in 2004, and they're pretty successful for only having two albums out yet. It's actually quite impressive.

They are currently recording a new album since last October, so if you are into this band, be on the lookout for a new album surfacing in the upcoming future.

Initially I got into them because they earned a lot of page space in Rolling Stone when they first came out. The magazine recommended the band, and I'm glad I listened. Their first single, "The Funeral," appeared in some SUV commercials. I think it's pretty catchy, it's a good tune. That song hooked me to want to look into listening to their albums. That song has appeared in Penelope, CSI, Criminal Minds, One Tree Hill, Numb3rs, and Skate, a video game. Check that song out first if you've never heard of them.

Cease to Begin was a bit more popular and successful for them. It was rated pretty well among critics. In 2007, it made the tops of the charts for the following magazines:

Austin Chronicle, Doug Freeman, #1 album of 2007
Delusions of Adequacy, #9 album of 2007
Filter Magazine, #2 album of 2007
The Onion AV Club, #5 album of 2007
Paste Magazine, #9 album of 2007

Pretty impressive. I think they'll get bigger from here. They've already toured with Iron & Wine, another indie band that I really enjoy. Keep an eye out for them if you're into this type of music. They have such a good sound to them.

Also, I would check out the song "Is There a Ghost," a single that became more popular than "The Funeral." On Rolling Stone's top songs of 2007 list, it was ranked #93. It's another good listen. I'm currently hooked on it.

Other songs to check out if you're interested in Band of Horses: "Islands on the Coast," "Ode to LRC," "Our Swords," "Weed Party," "The Great Salt Lake," or "No One's Gonna Love You."

So, what do you think of Band of Horses?

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