Tuesday, March 31, 2009

90s Music Comeback

Rolling Stone had a recent article on something that I've been observing as well: 90s music is making a major comeback. Not even that, but 90s bands that had broken up in the past are also making their comebacks. And, there's a huge market for that.

In their article "The New Nostalgia: Nineties Rock Is the Big Business in '09," they report exactly on its title. Andy Greene, author of the article, lists many 90s bands that are rejoining to tour this summer. Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit was quoted as saying that "Things go in cycles. This movement from that time period is just naturally happening again now." I don't have much respect for Durst, but he's right. Nineties music is back.

Here are some bands that recently have come together:

Rage Against the Machine
No Doubt
Limp Bizkit
Stone Temple Pilots
Smashing Pumpkins
Jane's Addiction
Blind Melon
Alice in Chains

90s band that are still rocking from the 90s:

Pearl Jam
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Counting Crows
Nine Inch Nails
Dave Matthews Band

In the article, Marshal Cohen, chief analyst at market research from NPD group describes the shift in interest of 90s music: "The influence of the boomer is finally starting to wane. Generation X'ers now have a lot of discretionary income. They've had their kids, and now they're starting to focus on themselves again." This will definitely show in concert revenue this summer. When the music industry is down, here's a way to help it out a bit and to cash in on this latest boom.

The article also notes that some 90s bands are even making classic rock lists. I even notice that when I do listen to the radio, it is heavy with 90s rock. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Chili Peppers, Soundgarden--all the classic 90s rock hits are always on. You can count on a good song being on.

A rock station in Seattle (107.7) increased their share of 90s rock on the station, and they're seeing significant increases in listeners. I can't be surprised. I hope this interest in 90s rock catches on with music being made nowadays. It seems like we'r reverting back more to the 80s now, especially with fashion. When is it turn for the 90s? I think it's coming...

Speaking of this, Peal Jam recently released a reissue of Ten, perhaps one of the best rock albums to come out of the 90s. That should be a great listen.

Big festivals and concert venues are taking advantage of this too. Look at who is headlining festivals and concerts this year. This is the summer of 90s rock comeback. Enjoy it while it's here.

So, what do you think of the 90s music comeback?


_P_I_P_ said...


Thanks for the article, very interesting.

I'm busy writing my dissertation about the reinvention of artists and why they return after time off

Do you know which edition of rolling stone the article was in?

Any help is much appreciated


jlawson@dsiwholesale.com said...

I'm loving this movement! The grunge era was a revolution in rock n' roll and I am seeing this trend first hand by the demand for 90's cover bands locally. FINALLY! Break out the flannel and let the stage diving begin!

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