Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When do you know when reality TV has gone too far, or that they have just been running out of ideas?

Answer: Wipeout, the new reality television gameshow on ABC. Honestly, sad to say, I enjoyed this show, but I enjoyed it because it was so terrible. It's a crazy mix of a bad Japanese gameshow--like MXC but with not-as-funny hosts. These hosts actually almost ruin the show; their jokes are way too corny and over-the-top. And, they make these poor contestants perform the WEIRDEST tasks. It is insane to watch. It's almost as bad as their other new show, I Survived a Japanese Gameshow. ABC saw that MXC is popular, and they exploited it.

On Wipeout, these people have to do the strangest tasks. The creators purposely make these stunts to see these people wipeout, hence the name of the show, which is ultimately funny. It's just kind of sad to watch these poor people fall over and over again, in various ways.

First, they have them try to cross rolling pins over water. Now, who can honestly do that? Then they had a giant wall with boxing gloves punching them so they could fall into a shallow pool of mud. Then they had to bounce on GIANT balls over water, and then swing onto a board and stay. None of the competetors could successfully do each one. They just slam into things, flip into the water, and fall in the craziest of ways. Other stunts include jumping over a moving stick that makes people fall off of small platforms; running on a moving treadmill wearing flippers as they send blow-up toys down the line before you fall into a pit of white foam; and the final event where they tube down a big slide into the water, jump over hurdling barrels, jump onto a spinning top with giant padded tubes sticking out of them, land on a platform from there, and then jump onto different sized trampolines to the finish.

Now, the winner gets $50,000. They start with 25 and narrow down to one. Now, in the process of winning this money, each contestant goes through a severe amount of humiliation. It really goes to show how far people will go for money. All of these stunts I just listed are humiliating and impossible. Why would they want to do these things? The show is incredibly stupid! I can't even imagine the session where the creators sit down to pick these courses. They just sound so insane. How do they pass and get on air? These poor people... And I want to know is this too: Where does this tape? Does anyone know?

So, has anyone seen this show before? What do you think of it?

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