Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kan Jam

Who is familiar with this new Kan Jam phenomenon?

To be quite honest, my first introduction with this new casual outdoor sport was during a high school physical education class. When I was substitute teaching, the students were engaged in a unit on outdoor recreational sports--other activities including horseshoes, bocce, and Texas horeshoes. I had to have one of the gym teachers explain to me the sport--I had never seen it before!

After that, the sport seemed to be popping up everywhere. My brother instantly became obsessed with it. He bought the cheap thing online for $60 or so (includes shipping). But all the game is is two cans (made of hard plastic) with a frisbee hole in the front. Two teams of two stand at opposite cans and have the opportunity to frisbee over the frisbee, duh (but what other verb is there?), and get it into the can. The teammate CAN slam down or assist the frisbee into the top of the can, but if the teammate gets the frisbee in the intended slot in the front of the can, the game is over. That team has immediately won. I believe they play until 21 exactly.

Above are the creators of Kan Jam. From their website: "Kan-Jam originated as a garbage can disk game around 1990. For the next 10 years, the tournaments held would be played using garbage cans and large disks. There was no Instant Win slot in the front either. In 1999, the game expanded to more people and the garbage cans were changed to heavy-duty plastic cans with smaller disks. This made it possible for newcomers to join the fun by getting their own set. In 2003, the smaller disks were replaced with larger ones, and proved to be better in the wind. The cans were also upgraded with the newer Kan-Jam logo on the front." Interesting, huh?

But, this is becoming a drinking game as well (not necessarily like other drinking games where the object is just to drink as much as possible), but I mean by having a beer at a picnic or barbeque and playing socially. It was a big deal at a graduation party I went to--even the adults played! It's growing and becoming more popular. It's quite a recent phenomenon! And anyone can make the game themselves. Just use some trash cans and a frisbee. Cut a hole in the front if you're really serious about it. It's relaxing and a lot of fun.

So what do you think of Kan Jam?

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