Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight

So, I have seen the heavily-talked-about new release, The Dark Knight, last night. And I have to say, there was a lot of hype about the movie before I even went into it. People were raving about how brilliant it is, yadda yadda yadda. I do think it was a good movie--I just don't think it was the BEST movie, as some are saying.

I was very impressed with Heath Ledger's role. I thought that he really got into his character, maybe even to drive him to the state he was in before he died. The costume was even more intense than others--very disturbed. It spoke a lot about his character.

Going off of this topic, I was worried that The Dark Knight only received so many viewers in its weekend debut because of Heath Ledger's tragic death. Now, I am not saying the movie is not good enough to break the record alone; I am just wondering if there is any correlation. But, I do think he did a great job; I was just hesitant going in to the movie.

I do not want to say too much about the movie for those who have not seen it, I just wanted to throw out some comments, especially to see how people reacted to the film. So I have a few questions.

What do we think of Christian Bale as Batman?

Who do we think portrayed the best Joker, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger?

How do the Batman stories correlate or intertwine, or don't they at all?

So what did you think of The Dark Knight?

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