Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin Comes to SNL

I was extremely excited when I heard that Sarah Palin was actually going to be on SNL after weeks and weeks of jokes and torment. It really was only a matter of time. However, I was quite disappointed in the sketch, but maybe that's because it wasn't as hard-core as it normally is. I guess they can't really punch too many jokes when she's standing right there.

Watch the video here.

I thought the sketch could have been more clever, but it was easy for her to deliver. I heard on a local news station on that Saturday that she didn't even know what the sketch was until she was going to arrive later that night. That's strange, if it's true.

Do you think it's a good thing or a bad thing that she went on SNL?

I think that it shows that she can stand up to jokes and take them on, but with all of the negative publicity it's drawn for her, I don't think it was a good idea to partake in. I think it shows how further weak she is; she does what she always does: she just says what other people write for her. So this gig wasn't too out of the ordinary.

I bet it still drew in millions of viewers. I feel bad for Tina Fey because she's getting so much attention for her impersonation. What might have started as just a one-time skit for SNL now is a career changer that puts her on the show almost weekly. And SNL is a commitment. I know what she's saying when she says that, if the McCain/Palin ticket wins, she's leaving Earth. Yikes.

The Star published this: "she acted more as a prop than a performer, reflecting the continued reticence of the John McCain brain trust to free her from the campaign leash which has led to a growing buyer's remorse on the right in the final days of the presidential campaign."

So what did you think of the SNL skit with Sarah Palin herself?

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