Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This past long weekend, I ventured to Boston since I haven't been there since high school. I had no to little memory of the experience, so I wanted to have a solid one. This weekend was so amazing; I am fascinated by the city and walk away thoroughly liking Boston.

I would love to live around this city. There is so much rich culture and spirit; the people have so much soul. There is so much Bostonian spirit around, especially when it comes to sports. It's a very cool culture that would be really cool to be a part of.

I visited some wonderful spots: Quincy Market, New England Aquarium, The Fine Arts Museum, Boston Gardens/Boston Common, The Wilbur Theatre to see Mike Birbiglia (which was an INCREDIBLE show). I walked around the city, and it is gorgeous. I hardly was heckled by homeless people or saw them around, it was not very dirty, and the architecture was breath-taking. I just didn't expect that convenience stores don't sell booze of any kind! It was very hard to find a liquor store even just to buy a six pack. What a weird system.

It was also very nice to be in Boston during some of their sports seasons. Currently, Boston is in the semi-finals in the World Series. It was awesome to watch them play while in Boston (I couldn't afford actual tickets to this high-stakes game). They are down 2-1 thus far. I also watched a New England Patriots game, and unfortuntely, they lost wicked bad. I think I am jinxing Boston teams. Good thing I left soon.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my trip. Boston is beautiful in fall.

The Aquarium

What do you think of Boston?

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