Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This has been a delayed blog post. Exactly a week ago, I adpoted the cutest little kitten, who we named Marley. She is absolutely adorable, as you'll see below.

We were thinking about getting a kitten, and ironically enough, the day I mentioned it to my mother, she discovered flyers for a free kitten. Marley's mother was a one-year-old stray who was taken in and had four kittens shortly afterwards. She is the smallest of her siblings, and when we took her in, she had (and still has) a fresh cold--but we find it cute.

Marley is a little monster--it's fun to sit back and watch her. Everything is so simple with infants, or animal infants, just seeing them explore things that we are so familiar with. How does this little thing approach life? I find it fascinating to watch.

She is a little adventurer, free spirit, always trying to climb the highest that she possibly can, always a ball full of energy, but also loving to cuddle and fall asleep as close to my face as possible. Even when you giver her medicine, she takes it and gets over it quickly. She's a better sport than I am!

Anyway, I am posting pictures I finally uploaded to my computer below. Some pictures don't do her justice because she always moves or freaks out whenever the flash comes on, but we tried about 80 times, so I hope that some of these aren't too bad.

Marley on the bed

She's a climber

She loves Michael. She climbed right into his arms. She loves to climb into little crevices and fall asleep. Michael's arms were just another option apparently.

She looks badass here.

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Megan said...

She is the cutest thing ever!! Isn't it so fun to watch them learn and explore?? It's also fun to see them develop their personalities... Moose is our spunky and lively cat (he'll jump from the floor up into my arms), Calvin just kind of blends into the shadows and doesnt require too much attention, and Annie is a cuddler... she can't stand not to be touching someone when they're around...

Congratulations on your new baby :o) Enjoy her while she's young and cute!!