Monday, January 28, 2008

Crazy Marley

Marley and I. I think I've become the obsessed parent. Maybe I am because I'm calling myself a parent.

One thing I do not understand about animals is their moods. I'll explain. Marley's moods are always the same at all hours--she likes to sleep at certain times and play at certain times, but those times do not coincide with our habits. Is there any way to break that chain, or is that embedded?

For example, Marley is affectionate and sleepy all afternoon, she is playful and sleepy until midnight, but once we go to bed at midnight, she is wack-o and off the wall. She is that was all through the early morning hours. Why is that?

Is is the same way that we function at certain times as we do? Is it personal to the being, be it human or animal?

I'm hardly one who knows anything about animals, but maybe one of you is an animal expert who could shed some light for me.

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