Sunday, June 7, 2009

Shepard Fairey



Rolling Stone recently featured a small article on Shepard Fairey, a contemporary artist and graphic designer that has been receiving some fame as of late. His stuff is absolutely incredible.

Fairey is most known for his artwork from Obama's presidential election. The famous red, white, and blue picture of Obama with the word "HOPE" under it is his most famous piece, a piece that we all recognize but might not understand that this is the work of this man, Fairey.

You don't really read or hear about many famous artists, let alone graphic artists. Maybe I don't seek out great new artists, but I don't hear much about great artwork and great artists these days. I think it's such a respected profession that not many attempt since it doesn't pull in too much money. This is the kind of creativity we need here. I love to see it happen.

He has since ventured into some more political works dealing with the war we are in, so he is becoming a bit more contorversial than his popular Obama poster. But, he does seem to stem his work in politics. He is VERY effective in his message just by using images or maybe one word or two.

I wanted to take the time to showcase some of his artwork. It is very simplistic and unique. It almost has the feel of 1960s psychadelic rock posters. His work is so signature that you would be able to tell that it is his just by the way it looks. THAT is the sign of a great artist.

Shepard Fairey's work:

So what do you think of Shepard Fairey and his work?

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