Saturday, June 20, 2009

Parks and Recreation

When I initially heard that Amy Poehler was getting her own TV show, I was psyched. When I heard it was modeled after The Office, I was even more psyched. When I saw Parks and Recreation, I really wasn't as psyched as I started.

Amy Poehler is hilarious, but I think she's in a tough spot to make this television show work. I don't think it will last too many more seasons. To be quite honest, I'm surprised this show is lasting and Kath and Kim is not. Now, Kath and Kim wasn't the biggest gem, but Parks and Recreation isn't that much better.

Parks and Recreation is about Amy Poehler's character who works for local government in Pawnee. She is actively trying to build her reputation, so she takes on a project when a local complains about a giant pit that her boyfriend fell into. Poehler decides to fill in the pit and build a park on top of it. Little does she know how hard this task will be.

What is good about this plot is that it has a destination: to build a park on top of a pit. She has many roadblocks and hurdles to get past, but that is what the show is about. However, the dry humor and the characters, I don't think, are strong enough to hook viewers. While The Office has the same kind of plot where the season doesn't really go anywhere, it relies on its cast. However, the character and cast of The Office are hilarious while these new characters on Parks and Recreation are mediocre at best.

The Middle Eastern guy is not funny at all--I find him quite annoying. The boss is a little off, but he's okay. The teenage girl does a great job of portraying teenagers, but it still isn't hilarious. Poehler's love interest is an alright character, but he's still kind of skeevy. The only two I find connection to are their two stars--Poehler and Jim's ex-girlfriend from The Office. Without them, I would have no hook to the show. There is only so much that Amy Poehler can do.

I don't even really know what else to say about the show. I've seen all the episodes this season out of loyalty to Poehler, but I can't see why anyone else would tune in. I'm curious about how long it will last and how many more people will tune in.

I mean, don't get me wrong, some things are funny, but I don't think there's enough that works. The chemistry isn't strong enough, but maybe it will grow. I hope so anyway. I want Poehler to succeed.

So what do you think of Parks and Recreation?

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