Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Virgin Mobile Festival Artists (Sunday)

As I did yesterday, I will give my brief concert reviews of the shows I saw on Sunday. I will relay the information and songs played to the best of my ability. Sunday had awesome weather and awesome acts to match it.

Check out this website to see all of the complete set lists from ALL bands from the festival.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I didn't get to see too many songs since we got there a little later than anticipated, but they can rock out pretty well. They have this rock/classic rock sound that is easy to get into. Download some songs and see for yourself. They are really classy, dressing in black--the rock star look. They're young and have a great sound.

Andrew Bird

He definitely had a classy sound, kind of bluesy, soft rock. He is very laid back, easy to mellow out to and just lay on the grass listening and relaxing. The unique thing about him is that he incorporates his incredible whistling ability into each song. It acts as an instrument for most songs. It's pretty impressive. He is good to check out if you want to just chill out.

She and Him

"I Put a Spell on You"

What an incredible voice that Zoe Deschanel has. I was blown away. The audience seemed to have this reaction as well. At the beginning of the show, not as many people were crowded around, but by the end, she generated a very large crowd. Many cheers went out to her incredible voice that she blasted out for beautiful notes in songs. She even had this classy look--an old-fashioned blue dress with a matching blue flower in her hair. She looked stunning and her performance matched it. Her guitarist (Him of the duo) was also an excellent guitar player. Zoe was also really into her music; you could tell with her energy and enthusiasm as she jumped up and down with excitement with dance and her tamborine. It was cute. But, she stunned the audience, giving an amazing performance on "I Put a Spell on You." Incredible. Check them out--they're mellow as well.

The Black Keys

"Girl Is on My Mind"
"Set You Free"
"10AM Automatic"
"Strange Times"
"Your Touch"
"The Breaks"
"No Trust"
"I Got Mine"

Unfortunately, I missed some of The Black Keys because Lil Wayne had some major issues. He went on late and played late which cut back on their playing time. Wow Lil Wayne definitely has a big head. Anyway, The Black Keys were one of the best shows I saw. They have amazing chemistry for only a two-man band. I can't believe that only two people can produce such incredible sounds. Both players play so hard; they must be exhausted by the time they're done! I was jumping and singing--the energy was incredible! If you want to see an awesome rock concert, these guys really do put on an amazing show. A must see in my book.

Stone Temple Pilots

"Wicked Garden"
"Big Empty"
"Interstate Love Song"
"Sex Type Thing"
"Dead and Bloated"
"Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart"

Even though they came on twenty minutes late and made me miss the end of The Black Keys, they still played extraordinarily well. The band seemed solid, not like they didn't get along. Scott Weiland seemed sober for the most part, all times except when he went on these random rants to the audience. At one point he started slurring his words into a mumbo-jumbo mess, in which I turned to my friends as we both wondered if he was on something or just trying to be funny (I think it's the latter). He also made random comments about how the band has good chemistry and doesn't talk about each other behind their backs--it just got pretty weird. Too much talking. The band members would even start playing to quiet him up.

Otherwise, they all played very well together, even with Scott and his infamous megaphone. His outfits were flamboyant as expected. He really puts a lot of time and effort into its coordination. He even changed outfits for the brief encoure. His white boot choice was a bit sketchy. They are very Austin Powers--white heeled boots with a point. Not a big fan. His other outfits were okay, but the boots had to go.

My only real criticism of the band is that they play all hits (which is good to please the crowd). They only played one song that isn't widely recognized. I know they're on a reunion tour, but they have so many other songs they can play as well. They might have had the chance had they not come on so late, but still, it was an awesome show.

Bob Dylan

"Rainy Day Women #12 & 35"
"It Ain't Me, Babe"
"Rollin' And Tumblin'"
"Spirit On The Water"
"High Water (For Charlie Patton)"
"Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again"
"Highway 61 Revisited"
"When The Deal Goes Down"
"Summer Days"
"Ballad Of A Thin Man"
"Like A Rolling Stone"

I am honored to be able to see that, not only did I see Bob Dylan play in my life, but I got to see him play one of the greatest songs ever written: "Like a Rolling Stone." I was so surprised he played it--he never plays well-known songs! He is known to not be a crowd pleaser but to play what he wants to play, even if it contains so singles at all. He did play the song a bit untraditionally, not sounding too much like the original, even skipping out on singing the chorus a time or two, but it was a beautiful playing and I am so privileged to have heard it live.

Bob must have asked the crew not to zoom in on him because he was the only act who was not focused in on his face. The only camera angle that was shown was the big shot of the stage and the whole band. He must have had a word with that. Does anyone know the details about that?

I only got to see the end of the show, coming in with "Stuck Inside a Mobile with the Memphis Blues again," which was amazing too, but what I saw was amazing. Even though he is getting older, he still has it. He still performs well and has a great band to back him up. He should keep on touring because he still wows the crowds and puts on a great performance.

Nine Inch Nails

"Letting You"
"March of the Pigs"
"The Frail"
"Gave Up"
"The Warning"
"Ghosts 5"
"Ghosts 30"
"Ghosts 19"
"The Greater Good"
"Terrible Lie"
"The Big Come Down"
"The Hand That Feeds"
"Head Like a Hole"
"In This Twilight"

I didn't get to see too much of them because of Bob Dylan's set and because we had to get up and leave to head home to New York--quite an overnight hike from Baltimore. I came in right to see "Closer," which was INCREDIBLE. Trent Reznor is so into his music--he gets so into singing it and performing it. His band members are really into it too which really charges the audience. Trent is just amazing. He can be creepy on stage, but he can really put on a mesmerizing act.

When they played the "Ghosts" songs, they put down this crazy back drop that acted as a light show--it was trippy. They played the instrumental songs using crazy instruments that I can't even begin to describe, but they were all really into it and the lights and images on the screen reflected the music. Very cool show. A good way to end the concert.

I am proud to say that within one hour of my life, I saw Stone Temple Pilots, Bob Dylan, and Nine Inch Nails play, and within that hour, I heard "Plush," "Dead and Bloated," "Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart," "Like a Rolling Stone," and "Closer." Amen.

What did you think of these acts whether you've seen them at the festival or elsewhere?

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