Sunday, August 24, 2008

Touching Spirit Bear

I just finished Touching Spirit Bear a few minutes ago. I didn't think it was going to be as good as it was. I sort of knocked it off as just a middle school book, and I definitely judged the book by its cover. But, it's actually very wise and very entertaining.

I was also interested in reading the book anyway because Ben Mikaelson, the author, came to Albany for the NYSEC's annual gathering a few years back. He gave a wonderful speech that gave us some background on his history and about some of his books. He is a very laid-back and intelligent man. He told us that day about his bear (he lives with a 700 pound black bear!) which was in part an inspiration to this book.

Another inspiration was the true story of a bunch of bears that escaped from the zoo and couldn't return to the zoo; there was nothing to do with them. Ben tried to do all he could, but the state ended up putting down the cubs. Ben almost cried telling the story; he has a strong attachment to bears. He couldn't believe they would do this, but it was cheaper to put them down than to keep them. Very sad.

But, this book is very wise, filled with many insightful passages and realizations that are valuable for anyone at any age. I love how this book focuses on forgiveness and anger, how to truly forgive and pay for wrongdoings. I love the idea of using your mind to overcome a bad thing you have done instead of punishment in prison. When people leave prison, they leave angry. We should use more methods like this to cure people of their hate and anger instead of breed it more while they're there.

The book also has interesting explorations of totems, Native American rituals with dances and ancestor rocks, and the Circle of Justice. Check it out.

Check out the author's website here.

Also, a sequel is coming out, Ghost of Spirit Bear, soon, so check that out as well.

What did you think of Touching Spirit Bear?


Anonymous said...

actually i didn't like it at all. he practically invented all that stuff about tlingit culture. ???? although he portrays cole very well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the book is absolutley awsome.

p.s if my spelling suck srry!?!??!!?!?!??
love,peace,and hair grease

joslyn said...

hello ben, im joslyn and im 12 years old, i just finished reading your book touch spirit bear and i think it is amazing, i have never read such a story before ,finilly there is some one out there in the world who acually understands what i really want to read , and the first paragraph i read completely nocked me out of my feet, you illistrated those feelings in the story so perfict and prosise , i completely adore that book, i even told my brother that YOUR BOOK WAS IN MY OPPINION THE BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD, your writing amazes me, i really truly completely understand the main EVERYTHING of that story , and your inteligence and wisdom made this book outstanding, just so you know i am also tring to make a book but i will never create such a master peace as yours, i just dont have the ideas or the wisdom that you have in this story, yours fan and most devoted reader joslyn. and p.s: cant wait for your next book. p.s.s:and finnilly you should make you books into movies, im going to tell every one i know to read your books :D lol love yah ,joslyn

joslyn said...

hey ben it's me again joslyn, i forgot to ask, if you have any pointer up,or ideas for my book i would grately apreciate if you message my and tell me here on the comment board , thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't like it at all. It's just not my type of book --for a 12 year old girl-- i had to read it for school and had all summer. I am one of non-fiction. it bothers me when i have to read other things

Anonymous said...

hello it is john it is a great book i read it for school and i finished in 2 day i basicly read it 24/7

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