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Virgin Mobile Festival Artists (Saturday)

This post is my quick music reviews of the shows I saw along with the songs I recall them playing on Saturday. Tomorrow will be Sunday's shows. My guesses will be very accurate, and if not, let me know.

KT Tunstall

"Little Favours"
"Miniature Disasters"
"Hold On"
"Other Side Of The World"
"Black Horse And The Cherry Tree"
"If Only"
"Saving My Face"
"I Don't Want You Now"
"Suddenly I See"

I didn't see her for very long, but she had a lot of energy and a great back-up band. I thought she would be just another pop princess, but she's impressive. She looks like a cool female rock star and can play guitar well. Great voice.

Cat Power

This girl is so cool; she has an amazing voice and has an awesome style. She knows how to work the stage. Very chill, cool energy coming from her set.

Gogol Bordello

"Not A Crime"
"I Would Never Wanna Be Young Again"
"Wonderlust King"
"Tribal Connections"
"60 Revolutions"
"American Wedding"
"Start Wearing Purple"
"Baro Foro"

This guy has a crazy band. I didn't think I was going to like them because they are foreign and emulate that very well. They dress very crazy, not matching and having crazy accessories and pins--I think the epitome was when two Asian women came on stage dressed in the same outfits (hard to describe, but they had on war paint makeup and gems on their faces) and they danced the same dances and sprinted all over the stage. They played massive drums and just ran on and off the stage at any given time. They also had a very old man playing a small violin, another guy playing bass wearing a white wig made of rope. It was a good show because you never knew what to expect.

Bloc Party

"Waiting For The 7.18"
"Like Eating Glass"
"Hunting For Witches"
"Two More Years"
"The Prayer"
"This Modern Love"
"Song For Clay (Disappear Here)"

A very unique, electronic sound. They are a British band, and you can't even tell except when the lead singer speaks. He had an awesome Koopa Troopa shirt on. The other band members really played around with these gadgets that made the guitar riffs and vocals alter; I don't even know how to describe it, but it was really cool. Bloc Party teased the crowd with a quick riff of "Johnny Be Good" before Chuck Berry came on, which was a horrible tease!

The Offspring

"All I Want"
"The Kids Aren't Alright"
"Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated)"
"Gone Away"
"Spare Me The Details"
"Staring At The Sun"
"Bad Habit"
"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid"
"Gone Away"
"Want You Bad"
"Why Don't You Get A Job?"
"(Can't Get My) Head Around You"
"Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)"
"Self Esteem"

I did not expect them to put on such a good show. I was very impressed. They had a lot of energy. They are pretty old to be rocking, but they sounded spot on. The lead guitarist was creeping me out a little; he had this long hair and good energy, but at one point he yelled out, "I'm gonna get laid tonight! And so are all of you!" Now, if he is, I don't want to know about it. He's old, topless, with greasy long hair. Yuck. But, the other players were amazing. The lead singer's voice still sounds the same, really good. The drummer kicked the hell out of the show. He impressed me. They didn't just play crowd pleasers, which I liked, but they did play some cool singles that really got the crowd into the show.

Citizen Cope

"Bullet and a Target"
"Hurricane Waters"
"Son's Gonna Rise"
"Nite Becomes Day"
"Back Together"
"Brother Lee"
"Let the Drummer Kick"

I loved his performance. He has an amazing voice and knows how to work the crowd. I think his best song was "Son's Gonna Rise," even though it's his single. He stopped at one point, and we thought it was over, and then he sang the song really slow and then erupted back into the chorus. It was incredible. The crowd was so energetic at that point. But then, he followed up that song was "Sideways," which is slower. I didn't think that was a good choice. He picked more slower songs than I think he should have, but his more upbeat songs really got the crowd into them. He's very talented and it comes across when he plays. One of my favorite performances!

Chuck Berry and The Silver Beats

"Roll Over Beethoven"
"School Days"
"Sweet Little Sixteen"
"Little Queenie"
"Memphis, Tennessee"
"You Never Can Tell"
"Reelin' & Rockin'"
"House Lights"
"Johnny B. Goode"

First The Silver Beats played for a while. They are a Beatles cover band from Japan who don't speak much English. They played some awesome Beatles' songs which was completely unexpected. Chuck Berry only played about five or six songs. He was really charged for such an older man, but he put on a heck of a performance. He had a strong, solid voice for his age, and he was really into his songs. He really worked the crowd, talking with them, encouraging them to participate. He had on a crazy sparkly sequin red shirt. Very cool to see him live, especially to end with "Johnny B. Good," noted by Rolling Stone as the greatest guitar song of all time.


"War On War"
"A Shot In The Arm"
"I Am Trying To Break Your Heart"
"You Are My Face"
"Impossible Germany"
"Handshake Drugs"
"Spiders (Kidsmoke)"
"Hate It Here"
"I'm The Man Who Loves You"
"Outtasite (Outta Mind)"
"Hoodoo Voodoo"

I didn't really get a chance to see most of their show, just a couple of songs. I would have liked to see more of them since I'm really into them right now, but the scheduling didn't work out. I did see Jeff Tweedy play with the crowd a little. He really wanted the crowd to clap along with their song and then teased them because they weren't really good. He then said that the majority of Americans (he gave a percentage) can actually hold a 2/4 clap beat while other countries can't. He waited until the crowd was clapping a lot, even verbalizing them to clap louder and for more to clap. It was humorous. I am just happy I got to see Jeff Tweedy.

Foo Fighters

"The Pretender"
"Times Like These"
"No Way Back"
"Learn To Fly"
"Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)"
"Young Man Blues" (The Who cover)
"Long Road To Ruin"
"Stacked Actors"
"Skin And Bones"
"My Hero"
"Cold Day In The Sun"
"Monkey Wrench"
"All My Life"
"Best Of You"

This show was one of the most energetic, violent, charged shows I've ever been to. My pony tail was knocked completely off by the end of the show. There were so many crowd surfers, mosh pits, and screaming, jumping fans that you constantly had to be on the watch for your own body as you watched. The crowd was so into it, and Dave Grohl ensured this. He continuously told us to "dance" or to sing, make some noise, etc. He prodded us the whole time, telling us they were going to play 15 more songs, "are you done yet?", "do you want some more?", "do you have to work tomorrow?", "who wants to hear another song?", and then shouting how hard they were going to rock. He was amazing.

They played a beginning and end of crazy fast, loud, and pumped up hard rock songs, and in the middle they slowed it down a bit with some slower songs. The extended band was there the whole time, the violinist, extra guitarist and bassist, and triangle player. Dave played the beginning of "Everlong" slowly on stage by himself, and then the band joined him to increase the energy halfway through the song. Taylor sang "Cold Day in the Sun," which was amazing. He is so talented. He had this very long drum solo that astounded the audience. Every time you would applaud and think he was done, he would start up again. I don't know where he gets his energy.

Dave was hilarious during the night, commenting on small things like a crowd surfer's keys that ended up on stage. He analyzed each piece on the key ring and said that now he gets this dumbass' cheap car. He introduced each member and they did a little solo. He uncovered Taylor's real name, Oliver, which was referred to the whole time. The triangle player even came out and did a solo. It was incredible. Dave jammed with the violinist/cello player who has an incredible voice. During one of the first songs, Dave and the lead guitarist jammed back and forth. That was crazy.

I was just so impressed with how well they put on a show. It felt like they played for forever, but that is because Dave was leading us that way with his talks. He was all over the stage, running from end to end and playing with each player. He IS a rock star, one of the best rock stars of our generation. He has such pretty hair too...

My only criticism is that they played too many crowd pleaser hits and not many unknown songs. They did vary old songs and new songs, but they played well-known songs that they always play. I want them to mix it up so I am surprised when they play songs--not just the singles. They did create an amazing 10 minute+ song of "Stacked Actors" which was phenomenal. They all just jammed on solos for a while and then returned to the song. That was creative and not as known, but they need to play more less familiar songs! Come on Dave, you kick ass. Try it!

What did you think of these bands, either if you were at Virgin Mobile Festival or if you have just seen them live?

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