Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, I finished the third book in the series. Eclipse and New Moon are now blending together in my mind. It's hard to separate them, but I guess it's pretty easy if you focus on the ending climaxes and distinguish before-and-after points.

Eclipse frustrated me a lot, but I was still hooked into it. I found myself more interested in New Moon, unable to put it down and constantly finding time to read more pages. With Eclipse, it was good, but it was slower in the beginning like Twilight. It eventually picked up, but it wasn't as much of a hook.

The book (and series) is still a good read, so definitely pick them up to read.

I was frustrated that Jacob actually becomes a love interest. I question Bella's sincerity when she becomes in love with both boys. It actually makes me mad because Jacob started to irritate me. He became so pushy and insistant; I found myself getting mad when he kept pushing her and pushing her. Just let it go! Leave her alone! And Bella was such a tease, which frustrated me more. She gave him all these signals and dropped him at the first sight of Edward. Honestly, Jacob doesn't even deserve her. Move on with your life.

The way they even describe Jacob as this warm, towering wolf seems unattractive to me. They say he smells and tastes like a dog, so it just is repulsive. The sweet-smelling colder male seems more attractive to me. And Jacob plays games, messes with Bella, and tries to fight for her while Edward is so much more mature about the whole thing. Yeah, he's older and has more experience, but his personality is so much more attractive. I know that he can be over-protective and stubborn, but it beats the annoying persistance of Jacob.

I didn't expect the love triangle, but it was definitely there. The marriage route seems a little crazy too, but whatever I guess.

I am beginning to get frustrated that they haven't turned her into a vampire yet. It actually makes me question whether they will in the series. If they haven't yet, then maube they won't. Or maybe that's the final end-all in the last book, what we've all been waiting for.

But then I think, what is Stephanie Meyer's main message to us? What does she want us to take from her series? It seems so easy for Bella to just go along with Edward. That would be teaching us that love conquers all: go with the boyfriend and ditch your family. Not a great message. It tells us to give into the temptation. It seems like a more powerful message for her to be stronger and leave the whole situation. Be normal. Pick the hard route and learn lessons the hard way. I don't like that option and don't want to see it happen, but I fear that it might occur in the next book, Breaking Dawn.

The sexual scenes are teases too. Come on now. I wonder what Breaking Dawn will bring, but it makes me wonder because of the wide teenage audience. And it's not even so bad for older teenagers, but pre-teens are all into this. I wonder how far she'll go with that route...

I hope I'm not disappointed with the ending. The first three books seem to have all been leading up to this book. There better be some closure or else it's going to leave a sour taste in my mouth. No good.

So, what do you think of Eclipse?

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