Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest: a tradition for all Cortland residents and college students. Every October for one weekend, the best food and crafts gather together at Cortland's main park area for weekend festivities. It's a cultural must-see.

Every year since I've been here (excluding freshman year when I did not explore Cortland very much), I have visited the excellent weekend we all know as Pumpkin Fest. I have walked away with incredible tie dye t-shirts, baked goods, artwork, and jewelery that I cherish to this day. You'll find such creative and interesting artifacts at such craft fairs. That's one reason I love events like this.

Anyway, what was so excellent about this year was that the park where Pumpkin Fest is located is literally in the backyard of my apartment this year. Parking is normally a huge issue since so many people come, but this year, I was able to just walk over from my apartment. I walked over with Megan, later accompanied by Jess, and we had a nice time walking around and buying cool things.

Let me show you my favorite Pumpkin Fest memories.

Sleeping hobo...

The cutest sisters feeding each other pumpkin pie. What else would you expect to see?

Check out the pumpkin-designing contest. Which is your favorite?

My Dad loves Pumpkin Fest too, so I'll end with him visiting me there. :-)

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