Saturday, October 27, 2007

Across the Universe

Okay, so do you want to see an increible, deep, breath-taking, allegorical film?

Across the Universe is it.

This film is a musical triubute to The Beatles, using Beatles songs as a story-line to represent the 1960s through characters with Beatles songs' names: Jude, Sadie, Lucy, Prudence, etc.

If you are fascinated with the 1960s, The Beatles, or thought-provoking films, this is a MUST see.

I don't want to give too much away, but I think pictures from the film sells it itself, so I will paste some here. Honestly, there is still some I need to figure out seeing it a second time around. I loved the creativity and artistic talent of the filmmaker. I love the sounds of the singers and the adaptations of The Beatles's songs. I wish I had this much talent to compose something so deep and meaningful. I want to own this movie, and I never really enjoy owning movies.

The film is so fantastic with 1960s representations, some that could even be used in the classroom. For example, portraying the Vietnam War and the draft--brilliant. Detroit race riots, racism, hippies, sex, drugs, music and musicians. And don't forget random appearances by Bono and Salma Hayek.

Check out these incredible pictures too. Please see the film, and if you do, throw me a comment here.

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sneakergirl200 said...

i toatly agree. my all time favorite movie i LOVE it!