Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fast-Paced World

Okay, yes, our world is becoming faster, which is a good thing, but how far can we go here?

Tools like the internet that make things more accessible and faster are good, yes; they are not hurting anything to most extents. However, some things really, I think, have gone too far.

This blog was inspired by a Go-Tarts, Pop Tars On-the-Go bars, wrapper that I saw on the lawn this morning as I walked into school. Were Pop Tars not fast enough to consume before? Aren't they easy enough to snack on by themselves? Why did we need to make consumption faster?

In the same respect, what about Gogurt (yogurt on the go)? Gogurt: Portable yogurt. What are we doing so quickly that we can't just sit down for even ten minutes to consume our food? Are we really running so quickly from point A to B that we can't eat a quick meal? Perhaps it's a convenience thing, but I think it's just becoming too extreme.

As if fast food wasn't bad enough. Drive-thrus and easily snackable fast food packages. I won't even go there.

Can anyone think of any more examples of on-the-go snacks/foods?

What do you think of these foods becoming easily accessible/consumable? Am I the only one who thinks this is utterly outrageous?


Anonymous said...

i think ellen said it best... "So we've started making things like GO-GURT. That's yogurt for people on the go. Let me ask you, was there a big mobility problem with yogurt before? How time-consuming was it, really? [pretending to be on the phone:] "Hello?...Oh, hi, Tom...oh, I've been dying to see that movie...Umm, no...I just opened up some yogurt...Yeah, I'm in for the night...No, not even later-it's the kind with fruit on the bottom. Well, have fun. Thanks anyway."

Megan Bottle said...

I'm just always annoyed when companies feel that they have to capitalize on something so silly as PopTarts.

Think about the whole Hot Pockets thing... it's not enough to have hot pockets in a few flavors... but then they have to come out with lean pockets and breakfast pockets and hot pockets subs, calzone pockets and croissant pockets.

In fact, pre-packaged meals altogether. Are we so busy that we can't take the time to actually cook a wholesome meal for our families? Sometimes, yeah, you need a quick throw-together meal... but it makes me nervous that it's what we're going to depend on someday...

Anonymous said...

the original on the go snacks: Bananas, apples, oranges! They come wrapped and ready to go!