Thursday, December 4, 2008

True Blood

Last week, HBO aired the season finale of one of its new shows, True Blood. This show has been showered with success and is already in production for its second season.

The season finale was much anticipated and it lived up to all of the horror and mystery that had been building since the first episode. The second-to-last episode revealed the killer, Renee, who then took off after Sookie in the final episode only to be killed by her with Sam's help. Yikes.

I didn't suspect Renee, but it makes sense. During the last episode, I started to think ahead. What will they use as suspense if they solve who the killer is? But then, the last scene of the finale answered that.

Is that Lafayette dead in the car? Did they kill him off?

They CAN'T kill of Lafayette! He's one of their best characters. He is so unique and different--they have killed off too many people in this show. They need some of their better characters to stick. I wonder if he's going to be turned into a vampire or will be saved by Bill. We'll have to wait until summer to see.

What do you think happened to Lafayette?

Perhaps he was killed by that crazy new vampire that Bill created. Maybe there's a new killer? Maybe the antagonistic vampires really weren't killed in the fire and came back for revenge? What do you think?

Otherwise, the show is creative and really comments and touches upon true themes and observations from life. I love how they represent the intolerance of others, especially within the church. Their representation of religion is very interesting. Drugs and homosexuality are also touched upon, and I enjoy their portrayal and commentary. I think the deep south is a very fitting setting for this kind of a show. I am just curious as to where they will take this show.

And what's going on with that shape-shifter that Tara is with? She obviously wants something. And why Tara? I'm surprised Tara's going along with it since she's so strong-willed. Perhaps this will be another conflict coming up in season 2.

I really like their casting job. They have created strong characters with fitting (and unique names) which I am completely satisfied with. I used to dislike Sam, but I don't think he's that bad though. I am just interested to see what other kinds of magical creatures they will introduce since now we know about shape-shifters, vampires, and potentially werewolves. This show could really expand.

Do you like Sookie with Bill or Sam? (Personally, I root for Bill. Sam can get on my nerves).

And, I just really dislike that song in the intro. Yuck.

So, what do you think of True Blood, where it's headed, or what happened in the season finale?

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