Monday, December 15, 2008

The Life and Times of Tim

HBO always impresses me with the talent they find. They always come out with the most innovative, intelligent shows that really rank above par compared with other television networks.

One new show that I am really enjoying is called The Life and Times of Tim. This new show is a cartoon that has that very simple style of drawing that is similar to South Park. But, this show is not as crude and obnoxious as South Park.

The Life and Times of Tim features its main character, Tim, who lives in New York City, works at a boring office job, and has a girlfriend who he always seems to disappoint. Tim is a guy who doesn't try to start trouble, but he always ends up in these terrible situations. They're hysterical, but sometimes they can make you really uncomfortable.

The writing is really well done. They have one-liners and conversations that really stick with you and make you laugh. The characters are original and creative, and they really resemble someone you might know but would never make fun of because they would find out about it. These impersonations of these people are spot on. I'm sure you can match someone you know to these personality types.

You never really know what to expect with every episode, even once it's already started. It takes many twists and turns and ends up in this bizarre place that you never imagined it would go. But, that surprising factor is pretty funny. It becomes so absurd and obscene that it's hysterical.

Anyway, give this show a try. The creator has made something here that really has the potential to shine.

I did learn from that this show started from a small movie short that he produced and won an award for. He then developed this idea into a show that now plays on HBO. It is well worth watching.

I do think they could have come up with a better title for the show though. It's just a little lame. But the voices are hilarious. Good job on matching voices to characters.

And look at the picture below. Look at how uncomfortable he is. It really captures the essence of his character in this one picture.

So, what do you think of The Life and Times of Tim?

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