Thursday, December 27, 2007

Naive to Something Better

Random thought I wanted to explore...

You know how we get cold when we're outside and the wind is whipping sideways through our clothes, and we might just be yearning to be warmer and inside where we can sit by a fire or change our clothes?

Well, I started thinking about people who live(d) in Antarctica, or another extremely frozen/freezing climate, perhaps years ago, and they could not escape inside to warmth like we have waiting for us. They had to create their own shelters (igloos, etc.) to keep themselves warm. Even if they built a log cabin or hut, it wouldn't nearly be as warm as a house we live in. They could build a fire, but getting wood and keeping it dry to burn would be a difficult task.

But, since they did not know about getting so warm like we can get to, were they really so dissatisfied with being so cold? In other words, since they didn't know how it is to be so warm, was it so dissatisfying for them to live with such permanently cold body temperatures?

Can you yearn for something that you're naive to? Can you crave the opposite of what you don't have if you don't know it exists?

I asked a friend, Megan, and she brought up the point of people in Africa who live in less than suitable conditions in America's standards. As Americans, we think that they would hate their lifestyles or envy what we have over here. But, if they don't know that life can be made so much easier with technology or other advances, how can they crave this lifestyle? Can they?

What do you think?

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