Monday, June 2, 2008

Indiana Jones

I must admit: when the new Indiana Jones flick was announced to come out, I jumped on the bandwagon. Having never before seen any of the movies, I was informed that I must see them as a cultural sponge for this generation. I like to see all films that are highly influential and deemed excellent with films. These seem to be among that category.

I only knew of these because of the Disney mock scene that they've been doing since I was a child, and the Halloween costumes. Movie references don't come up too often for this movie, but I do love calling him Jonesy. I love how they made him the hot professor, but he would never show up for class. He was always away on trips. A little strange.

I might be wrong, but I think these movies must have been better to watch around when they came out, the 1980s, more than watching them now for the same effect. The effects are a bit out-dated, but I don't hold it against the film. To tell you the truth, I was a little bit skeptical going in because it was a George Lucas film (I refuse to see Star Wars. Too geeky for me. My friend says she'll strap me in a chair to watch them all straight some day when I break my legs. That will never happen.) I then thought that this movie would be cheesy or too epic to take seriously.

The trilogy, and now set of four, do have their over-dramatic scenes and lines, but maybe that's necessary for a hypothetical, dramatic, adventure flick. Some of the plot lines were too far-fetched for me to get into (i.e. the second one and the new one with ALIENS involved. Come on Lucas and Speilberg). Some of the lines were down right hilarious, but they were actually meant to be dramatic. I do need to comment also that Lucas has these strangely awkward, not sexy at all, romance scenes. It almost makes me cringe. I wish this guy was like a James Bond--getting the girls. I mean, he does, but the scenes are so not suave or interesting. I guess that's more realistic, but this film tries to be anything but that. That was out of sync for me.

Now, for the new film. I thought it was good that they made this film take place in the 1950s--making Indy older and focusing on a new decade besides the 1940s. (I was so surprised the series focused on the Nazis, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with Speilberg and his interest in WWII). The Russians seemed to be kind of a random new target, despite the nuclear threat of war with them--their search for knowledge didn't make as much sense as the Nazis' attempt did. The alien scene was too radical. I called right from the beginning that Shia LeBeouf was his son. It's so dramatic and cliche that it had to be.

Biggest complaint: They end the series in his marriage??? You've got to be kidding me! This guy never could commit! Why can he all of a sudden? I hate this change. I don't care if this was his true love and they have a son now. Can't they just imply that they'll be together without the bond of marriage? I totally disapprove. Lame, lame, lame. The last scene should be adventurous or daring somehow--not in love! The series was never about love! Disappointing.

Do you think that they'll prolong the series now with LeBeouf as the new Indy?

How would you rate all four? (I go one, three, four, two).

What do you think of these movies? Commentary?

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